Lace Closures
Lace Closures

Lace Closures

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Lace Closures are known for restoring heat damaged hair. Normally, women use the leave-out method when getting an install but ever since Lace Closures gained popularity, so many have transitioned to full coverage installs. Our Lace Closures have transparent and stretchy lace which provides you with a natural look. Plus, you can achieve any part you want, whether you are a middle part or side part kind of girl, our Lace Closure can be customized to your needs.

A Lace Closure will help you to have healthy and even natural hair when you decide to take a “weave break”.

Lace Closures are available in Brazilian, Peruvian, and Malaysian, all Lace Closures match our hair bundles


Lace Closure Details:

  • Hand- crafted and constructed with an elastic band around the perimeter which prevents the lace from tearing during install and allows for reuse
  • Human Hair
  • Size 4x4
  • Low Density (130%), prevents puffiness
  • Free-part
  • No excessive shedding
  • No matting or tangling
  • Able to Dye
  • Able to curl and straighten
  • Matches texture of Brazilian Ocean Wave hair bundles
  • Knots are not bleached

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    Knots are not bleached