About HER



Courtney Davis is a former Pre-Med student turned entrepreneur. Best known for HER diligence, courage, and optimism. Courtney is an advocate for social justice. Born and raised on the Southside of Chicago, at age 17, despite the odds against HER, Courtney moved to Little Rock, AR to pursue HER dream of becoming a child psychiatrist at Philander Smith College. After proving to be successful at a four year college she set out to broaden HER horizons and study abroad in Madrid. However, with limited monetary resources this was almost deemed impossible.

     In March of 2013, at age 19, while scrolling through HER Instagram newsfeed Courtney noticed an influx of hair companies. Being faithful to HER virgin hair addiction she began to purchase “virgin hair” from various retailers and was constantly disappointed with the quality and customer service. Courtney has always been one to lead by example so, she did just that. On October 26, 2013 Courtney launched HER Extensions with $300 and good intentions using the corner of HER bedroom for an office space. HER Extensions was designed to accommodate the hard working woman by giving HER the treatment and quality she deserved. Aside from providing HER customers with solutions, HER Extensions provided Courtney a way to study abroad, at least she’d hope so.

On November 7, 2013 after a near fatal car crash Courtney was left without a car, and in a financial crisis. At this point, she was stuck between returning home where she had left a life of kaos in Chicago or staying in Little Rock where she created a peaceful life and was free to let HER guard down in HER own home. Since Courtney has never been one to give up easily she decided to fight for the lifestyle she created. With no previous experience in Business Management or Marketing she used the one thing that would ensure a worldwide connection to spread the word about HER Extensions, social media.

            In 2015 HER Extensions® had a 100% for order accuracy on retail and wholesale orders shipped domestically and internationally. In addition, to quadrupling 2014 earnings. In 2016,HER Extensions® had octuple earnings from the previous year.  Courtney' s thoughts? "I feel very blessed; my company was supposed to exist for 4 months, it’s going on four years.. Everyday, I'm still in a bit of shock from the company's rapid growth. HER Extensions® started in my one bedroom apartment and it is a true blessing. It warms my heart that so many women love my choice of hair extensions and are loyal to the brand; with so much to do, having satisfied customers always makes me feel like my mission is complete."




Favorite Saying: "Remember the multiplier is always smaller than the multiple. Take what you have and make it enough."


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