Peruvian Loose Wave (individual bundles)
Peruvian Loose Wave (individual bundles)

Peruvian Loose Wave (individual bundles)

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Our Peruvian Loose Wave hair is Courtney’s favorite. “ I love Loose Wave bundles because it is everything that the customers expect in wavy hair. Such as high definition waves after washing and air-drying. This is what people expect from body wave patterns, but don’t get. With Body Wave textures there is a wavy but it is very light. Loose Wave is the perfect wash and go hair when you don’t want curly hair but natural loose waves instead.”
 Launched in September 2016, it is already a top seller!  It is silky, low maintenance, and versatile. The difference between Peruvian hair and Brazilian hair is the density. Peruvian hair is finer (thinner) than Brazilian hair but it still perfect for a natural look.
Matching Lace Frontals and Lace Closures for Peruvian hair bundles are available in lengths 10-20 inches.



  • 3.5 oz per bundle
  • Hair Bundles available in lengths 10-30 inches
  • Doubled Machined Wefts that prevent excessive shedding
  • Neat weft construction to avoid tangling and matting
  • Soft and silky texture
  • No unusual odors
  • Able to Dye
  • Able to Straighten
  • Curl Pattern returns when wet
  • Texture, will hold curls for long periods of time
  • Appropriate for all hairstyles such as, sew-ins, wigs, clip-ins, ponytails, blunt cuts, or bob hair styles
  • Able to be reused
  • Will last 2 years + with proper care (we have come customers with hair from 5 years ago)!
  • Human hair extensions
  • Peruvian Loose Wave

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How to order hair bundles:


10 inches

2 hair bundles

12- 22 inches

3 hair bundles

24-26 inches

4 hair bundles

(at least two bundles of the longest length)

28-30 inches

5 bundles

(at least two bundles of the longest length)